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Shanghai Pak Choi

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Shanghai Pak Choi

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Shanghai pak choi, or green stem, Shanghai green, is a special green stem variety with a greater availability in most American Markets. It has green, spoon shaped leaves, thick jade green stem and a hourglass shape. 

Shanghai pak choi has a mild taste, with less crispy texture compared to Canton pak choi.

Shanghai pak choi is perfect for steaming and boiling, it is also good for stir-fry and soup like other pak choi. It can also act as fillings of dumplings and buns, or mixed with rice.

Type: Pak choi

Sprout: 2-7 days

Harvest: 28 days

Seed from*: UK / HK

Nutritional Benefits:

Pak choi is low in calories and at the same time a rich source of vitamin A, C, B6 and folate, as well as the minerals calcium and iron. It is also packed with antioxidants including thiocyanates, and lutein.

Harvest Tips:

You can harvest the vegetable at earlier, at around 23 days, to enjoy the pak choi as baby. 

Seed Kit Available :

  • Seed Kit Original with Pre-seeded Capsules (8 capsules and nutrient packs)


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